Either is the nostalgia of “city that doesn’t sleep” as Frank Sinatra said, or is the modern actual “Sex and City”-like buzz, New York city challenges around 50 million tourists to troll on the streets of the Big Apple.

Facts and figures about International tourism in New York

● 56 million tourists go to New York yearly. This figure includes foreign and Americans, also day trippers coming from nearby cities. And the another 15 % grow.

● Almost 1.5 of the foreign tourists are British, followed by Canadians with 1 million. If you have thought otherwise, well, these are the numbers!

● The Chinese visitors increased by 250% since 2010 and it is expected number gets bigger every year.

● In order to suit the great demand of tourists, New Yorkers invested in lodging. There is a 40% overall increase in hotels or apartments.

How to get to New York

JFK airport is impressive and the main gate-way to United states of America. Situated 2 km away from the Big Apple, JFK is a representation of  modern airports.

We speak about 53 million tourists (2014 level), 6 terminals, 2 run ways of 21sq km,  70 international domestic and international companies departing or arriving on New York airport.

In what comes to transfers to the city or others cities, JFK is resourceful. Tourists can chose direct train from the airport as the rail is connected, a local bus, or they might chose taxi, chauffeur services or car hire. For wealthier travellers helicopter flights from the airport are also possible, from Terminal 3.

Tourist attractions in New York

Statue of Liberty is obviously the main attraction in New York. Received as a gift in 1886 from France, the 92m tall Lady Liberty  still welcomes tourists arrived in USA.

Empire State building with its art-deco architecture was the highest building worldwide from 1931 to 1970. It was also first building in the world of over 100 storeys (102).

A wide range of city tours are a delight for tourists in New York. From classical city tour by car or bus, to fancy tours by horse charts or Sex and the city tours tourist find something to do in New York. The fact is that many of them love something else  than visiting in NY…

Why tourists love New York?

In Europe tourists chose city-breaks for cultural heritage, they fly to New York for fun and shopping. It is said that the big stop in New York tour for Chinese travellers was in the shopping area, not at the Statue of Liberty,  the main attraction of the city.


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