I’ve been quite a lot on the road lately. So much so that I haven’t had time in a month to write anything here. It was quite a busy period, with papers to finish and roads to drive on. With the papers, the situation is still unclear. But about the roads…

The roads are mostly ok in Romania. They are crowded, there are some maniac drivers and also very slow drivers, but most of them are quite a pleasure to drive on. But today we’re not going to talk about the roads here. We’re going to talk about the roads in Moldova. The other Moldova, the Republic. Because for the first time I got the chance to get over the Prut River and go driving around in Moldova.

First of all, don’t break the speed limit in Chisinau. They have tons of cameras and a ticket will come home to your address. No matter where you are staying. And if you are trying to leave the country and have a ticket, they will ask you to pay it before leave the country.

Second, you are not allowed with CB radio antennas on your car. I almost got a ticket for it in Chisinau, but the police officer was understanding and let me out with a warning.

Third – don’t expect any good roads. You better have some good suspension and car in good condition, cause the roads there are quite bumpy. Let’s take them one by one:

Albita – Chisinau – that’s the main road, used by truckers and almost all the people who want to get in the republic from Romania. It’s a road that goes up and down the hill in Moldova, goes on almost no towns at all and your can get those 100 km made in somewhere around 1 h 20 minutes, which is quite nice. It’s not the smoothest roads, it’s build on pavement block, but you can go on speed in Chisinau.

Chisinau – the Moldovan capital have some boulevards that are quite well maintained and where you can go quite smoothly. However, most of the roads are bumpy and with potholes in them. But mostly bumpy. Remember the suspension part I was telling you about ? I didn’t have good suspensions on my car, so it was quite a bumpy ride. However, most of the roads, even if they are bumpy, are tarmac happy.

Chisinau – Calarasi – Ungheni – Sculeni – this was one of the worst roads I’ve ever been. And a weird one. There are portions where you can barely go (you need to keep it at 20-30 km/h), but there are also areas with 4 lanes where you can go bananas. It’s a long roads, I’ve done 130 KM in almost 2 h 30 minutes. Which is quite a lot. From Ungheni to Siculeni to road was better in general, I managed to get on a medium speed of 64 km/h.

The roads that I’ve been are one of the best Moldavian roads. So imagine how are the rest of the roads, if those are in that way.

And finally, I can’t end this post without talking about Chisinau girls and buildings a bit.

Chisinau girls – oh men, they are lovely. They look and dress nice. I saw a trend while being there, a lot of girls wearing sheath dress or something similar, always in pastel colors, like light green, red, blue, or yellow (or you can call it turqoise, rose or cream).

Chisinau buildings – a lot of old communist buildings, it felt like 1995 when I got there. I know that’s how a lot of Romanian buildings looked back then.

And before you exit, be sure that you are going to wait a lot in line at the border. And they are going to be extra careful with any car.

However, I do still recommend you to do and visit. To take a lot in the communist past.


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