Just come back from a short trip in Dublin. I’ve left Romania for three days, just for a short business trip, but in those days I had a free afternoon in which I had time for my own. I had a lot of evenings to enjoy the Dublin metropolitan area, but I wanted to see something outside of Dublin. I heard the cliffs near the sea are wonderful in January and the forecast predicted mild weather, so I went for one of the walking tours in Ireland that I got, in the small mountain / cliff area near the seashore.

However, in the afternoon of the free day it just started pouring. I almost didn’t want to go, but I’ve had a bit of luck and the rain stopped just before changing my mind. So I put my boots and meet with the guide and some fellow travelers. We’ve took a car around 15 miles outside of Dublin and just started walking. The rain didn’t really stop completely outside of Dublin, but I did get a good raincoat and that wasn’t an issue. The smell of wet grass and land after the rain and a bit of walking made miracles after two long working days.

But maybe that’s just me, cause I’m a guy that just loves to walk of on every location where I can. Tried that in the US, but it’s just not possible in the big cities on the west coast, like LA, which is just full of roads. New York however was much more friendly with walkers, and most of the interesting things in the city are in Manhattan and Broadway.

Anyway, back to Ireland. It’s not for everyone this kind of tour, but you if you are a fan of walking on the countryside, give it a chance. It’s a nice way to relax after some working days.

Also, check the weather in that day to see if it’s going to rain or not. Because the Irish weather it’s quite tricky.


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