The flashiest glasses


Last month, during a short trip in London, I’ve noticed something interesting. It wouldn’t even crossed my mind, If I wouldn’t see a strange reaction from some teens regarding another teen that just walked by, without any relation with those three other teens in this story.

Usually, people mock other people for being to fat, or for having glasses or some ugly sweater. But this time, they were mocking him for having “last years” glasses. And I mean eyeglasses. The strange thing is that all of them were wearing glasses, the large stylish one that doesn’t seem to have any function than making you look “hip”, “cool” or whatever.

I wear glasses from time to time, mostly at night, cause I like seeing better in the dark, since a have a -1 myopia. But mocking another kid for having “not stylish” glasses it’s something new for me.

I mean, those are eyeglasses, what can be so un-stylish about those ?

Well, after a quick search, I found out that there are literally thousand of pairs of eyeglasses to choose from. Thousands of pair for men, thousand of pair for women. They come in different sizes, styles, colors and with different things added to them.

I mean, check out this list of glasses frames for men. Over 3500 pairs of glasses only for men. And a similar number of eyeglasses for women. You can have almost any type of color you’ll like. I saw some simple black one’s that I really like, but I’ve also see some crazy multi color frames that are just amazing.

So apparently in the UK the glasses seems to have more of a fashion statement than in other places, just like wristwatches started to become a statement around the world. More than the necessity, is the fashion, some fancy person would say.

What do you think ? Have you seen this phenomenon in your country ? Do You think it’s a bit weird, as I do ?


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