You know, when I first planned my travel in Italy, I thought to myself that I have to see Venice, although I didn’t really had a big interest in the location. I’ve imagines a crowded place, full of tourist and narrow streets.

And for the most part, that was what I found. But there is more to it than just that. You can find some interesting buildings and views.

First, if you come by car, check out a parking service near the train station in Mestre. You can find a parking place for 9 Euros per day. You just leave your car there and go to the train station. There are trains going to Venice once over 20 minutes (in the less busy period) and they cost 1.3 euro. The train will only go for like 10 minute to enter in the Venice train station, from which you can start exploring the Venice main.

Venice it’s a maze. Even with google maps activated, we’ve got lost on some occasions in the city. But if you have the time, you can explore most of the city. But on that day, it was quite hot and we didn’t really had a lot of time (only 4 hours), so we’ve moved a bit faster in the city, but after two hours of rambling about we’ve finally got to main square with it’s tower and concert preparation.

It’s interesting to go from bridge to bridge, going through narrow corridors (and moldy, I should say) between high buildings. I have no idea how they managed to build some of those building on this type of soil, but since no building had fallen over so far, I think that they knew what they were doing.

We didn’t bother with the bridge view, we’ve stayed near the sea for 20 minutes and we got back to the train station, going around from shop to shop, just going around.

Would I visit Venice again ? I don’t know. It’s not really a place for me to relax.

Was a bad idea visiting Venice ? No. At least once in a lifetime it’s good to see this city.

What’s your opinion about Venice ? What would you recommend in the city ?


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