Not singing, walking. I don’t actually have the voice to get on a remake of “Singing in the rain”. However, I do like going in light rain. I think it’s one of the best sensation you can get in life. Walking on different areas and just explore a lot of places.

In Romania I’ve walked on a lot of places during autumn and I’ve enjoyed almost all of them. Because the temperature during the day isn’t that high and from time to time you get some rain to improve the atmosphere. But Romania is mostly arid in September, not a lot of rain. If you want to experience the “walking in the rain” sensation, you have to go to Ireland and experience the green lush.

I’ve been in Ireland in November 2015, during a week trip to Dublin. After two days of Dublin exploration, I wanted to see what else can you see within Ireland. And I’ve found a hiking in Ireland tour that was quite nice. I’ve tried Wicklow Mountain walking trip mostly because it’s so close to Dublin. I’ve chose a 4 day trip around the Ireland mountains.

And yes, you’ve heard it right, Ireland has mountain, although is you look on the satellite images, it doesn’t seem like. But Ireland does have a lot of mountain ranges around the country, although not very high in size, but very nice to walk upon. I think the highest peak is somewhere around 1100 meters.

After that trip, I can highly recommend you a tour with a guide in the area. There are some amazing level differences, gorges and cliffs near the sea that you have to see and enjoy. There are many more trips you can take, depending on what you want. However, I strongly suggest getting a guide, since Ireland has a lot of bogs and swamp land that you might not know if you are there for the first time.

And yes, we’ve got a lot of rain there, but it was very nice. Light rain, no wind (which is always good) a good humid air to walk bay. I can say that after 4 days of walking, although I my feet had some issue with that much walking, I felt quite good, energized.

I left Ireland the next day, after another meeting in Dublin. Of course, the rain didn’t miss the party.


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