New Zeeland dreams

New Zeeland is one of the places that I wish I can get sometime in the future. Why, would you ask, would I want to get to the ends of the world ? Well, New Zeeland has one of the best views that I saw in the world. Plus a good quality life for it’s citizens. Plus volcanoes. Tons of volcanoes. And earthquakes. Well, volcanoes and earthquakes aren’t my top things to visit there, but certainly it’s a nice place to visit for what it does have.

However, since from Romania to New Zeeland it’s a long way, it’s going to be quite tricky to get in the New Zeeland soon. Mostly, the money. It’s not only the trip, which in an off-season period can get to over 1500 euro, but if you want to actually stay there for, let’s say a month, you are going to need at least 3-4000 euros. And that’s for visiting and enjoying the country.

Fortunately, Romania and New Zeeland have a visa waiver program, so visa required in New Zeeland for 3 months, which is nice. Australia as well, so you can do both of those in one trip.

So, with 6k euros and a month free, you can actually get and travel in New Zeeland for a while. Honestly, I prefer there and stay there, maybe on a working visa, since I saw that they require physiotherapist there. But well, it’s a long way until I will get there.

It’s not a huge country, but it certainly has a lot of interesting things for it. It’s rich, has a lot of geographical features. To bad about the earthquakes and volcanoes, as I’ve said. But the dream of going there (visiting or working) is still alive, so yeah.

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