Well, since I had to drive to Bucharest back in December, I decided to take another route than I usually do. Why is that ? Because I wanted to see how Bigar Cascade looks in the winter. I saw it in the summer, it was nice, although not “photographable” enough because of the many tourists. This time, I have the view and the space to make a proper photo of Bigar Cascade.

So, here it is, Bigar in Winter:

If you don’t know where Bigar cascade is, well, to put it simple, it’s in Banat, Romania, on the 45th parallel, just near the national road 57B (DN 57B), 12 km away from Bozovici, the nearest town. You can get there from Resita, going through Anina and then straight ahead for 30 km, until you see a sign with Bigar Cascade or a big 45th parallel sign. If you come from Orsova or Caransebes, you go on the E70 (DN6) until Plugova (or before Plugova), you will have an intersection there with a road that goes to Bozovici / Oravita. Bigar Cascade is 55 km away from there.

You can always use google maps or ask the locals if you ever get lost. And, if you are there in the summer of autumn, take a look on the waterpowered mills near Eftimie Murgu, on Cheile Rudariei, one of the few places that you can find water mills in Romania.

Have you ever been to Bigar ? Do you have any better pictures, maybe in winter time ? Let me know and maybe post a link of your pictures here. I promise that I will add here, with all the credits.


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