Banat region of Romania is one that flourishes during the spring. The temperatures are getting higher and you can out and do a lot of stuff. You want to know what to do if you are in Timisoara or somewhere in Banat this spring ? Here are 3 locations the we recommend.

Timisoara city center

Timisoara will be the European Cultural Capital in 2021, a decision that sparked a lot of plans and investments here in the Bega crossed city. The city is know for his many parks and places to relax in nature in the middle of the city. It’s one of the big cities that maintained quite a lot of park in the center area. The main attractions though are the city center buildings, many of who have a two century history around them, bringing together communities of four nationalities: romanians, serbs, germans and hungarians. Timisoara is actually a quite peacefully city, even with the big population, a large university center that brings a lot of people from the western and central side of Romania here. Also, if you want to travel around the city, you can just spot the water tower from Iosefin and UMT neighborhoods. There a lot of other things to visit here, but I’ll dedicate another article in the near future.

Bike lane from Timisoara to Serbian Border

Want to discover some of the villages from Timis county and want to maybe make a little bit of sport ? Well, you’re in luck, since you can travel from Timisoara to the Serbian Border on a bike lane near Bega channel, which will give you the opportunity to see the villages here and travel on a good tarmac bike runway. You can rent a bike from the city center and travel near the Serbian Border. But do pay attention not to cross to the other side of the border, since Romania and Serbia do have border patrols that will stop you. And you don’t want troubles.

Anyway, if you do pay attention, it’s quite a nice ride. My advice is to get some proper low-top sneakers and do go further than Otelec. Also, get a good backpack and get yourself some food and water, since it’s going to be a long ride. The bike lane has 37 KM,  so to get there and back it’s 74 KM, something like 6 hours of travel.

Herneacova equestrian domain

If you feel like having a simple Sunday though, I’ll recommend a visit to the Herneacova equestrian domain. The domain is located 30 Km east of Timisoara and it’s a nice place to get if you like horses or horse riding. Kids just love the places, the horses are gentle and you have the luck of a sunny day, you can spend it on terrace in their complex, where you can eat and drink some refreshing drinks while admiring the horses and enjoy a lovely day.

That’s my recommendation for now. But I’ll be back with another batch of places to visit in Banat soon.



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