Winter time is a magical place to be in Bucovina. Because, unlike in most of the Moldova area, Suceava county has it’s own weather patterns. That means that it’s going to snow a lot in winter in Suceava county. Specially in Dorna Region and most of the mountainous region from this area. Most of it, actually. But Suceava (the municipality) it’s also full of snow during the winter, most of the times from December through March.

With this global warning that we had in the last 50-60 years, the winters in Bucovina are not as we are used to have them. I’ve been in Suceava like the other day and, although you could see some snow on the streets, it’s iced snow that remained from the snow from two weeks ago. The weather was…. London-ous, meaning we had a lot of clounds, but no chance of precipitations. Snow or rain. And since it was like -4 Celsius, it would most likely be snow.

But no, no snow around.

On the Tihuta are, one of the highest mountain passes in the area, it does snow a lot. Like two weeks ago, we had a lot of snow during our drive through the region. And it was quite nice, even though not the perfect conditions. That area is know for it’s nice views…. and high ramps. If you come there in the winter time with a truck or a heavy van, be ready to face some ramp up to 14 %. So prepare you winter gear properly.

But that’s on the main roads. On the national and secondary roads, you can experience some nice views as well. On most of those roads, you usually need a small car or, on some harder to access roads, a 4 X 4. But the view will certainly amaze you.

I will be near Suceava this week, so I’ll be back with some pictures in another article. Until then, if you have any questions about Bucovina, let me know here in the comments.


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