Well, i’m sitting here near the top of Mestecanis pass on the road to Vatra Dornei and I can tell you, in the night, the view is fantastic. And quite frightening, as well. Because is quite dark, you can’t see any stars around and the only lights are from the cars that are going through this pass at this hour. Is quite a quiet hour right nou, 01:31 in the morning, but i’ve prefered this instead of going through the day, all tired and bored.

Now I can relax, put my cd on with good music and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a long ride, I have altmost 550 km to go, but I will probably stop by the road from time to time. To post some articles, maybe some pictures, if I will manage to get enough good pictures on night.

Until then, wish me a good road without problems!


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