I spend a lot of my days on road. Less than last winter, but more than last year. A lot of my last year was spend on the wheel of a Wolkswagen Golf IV, from 2002. You might say that it’s an old car and I should drive that car because it’s dangerous.

Well, it’s dangerous to drive on Romanian roads, first. Mostly because the roads are bad, but also because we have some drivers that don’t really know how to drive a car. Fortunatelly, most of the car drivers in Romania are used to the roads and drive quite well. In Western Europe you have a lot of highways and less crowded citites, which is nice, but when a foreigner comes to Romania, he is somehow surprised of how the Romanian drivers go around.

We will progress, but slowly. We do hope to have better and safer citites for pedestrians and ciclysts. But that won’t happen very soon, mostly because we have narrow cities. But with time change comes.

Anyway, I was talking about myself driving around in Romania. We have splendid views around the country, and I managed to see most of them. There are just 4 counties that I haven’t been yet (from 42): Zalau, Maramures, Satu Mare and Botosani. I do plan that before the end of summer I will get there. And then I should be happy, because I will have seen every county in Romania. But now every road in Romania. And I here I keep track of just the national roads and some important county roads, not the local ones, because that would be altmost impossible. Still, I did saw most of Romana. But not all.

But there is still time…..


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