When someone visits Dobruja (Dobrogea, on Romanian), they kind of expect an arid land with a few trees from here to there, a lot of hills, vineyards and a lot of wind turbines. Since it’s quite a hilly and windy place, Dobruja has quite a lot of wind turbines, which bring most of the regenerable energy in this country. In fact, Constanta and Tulcea (the counties that are in Dobruja on the Romanian side) produce more than 1/3 of the electricity need of the Romanian people, since the Cernavoda atomic plant is actually located in Constanta county. So, the energy there is a little bit cheaper that in the rest of the country, since they don’t need to transport it all over the country.

Anyway, I did digress. The Romanian side of Dobruja is all wonderful, with all the things that I’ve mentioned up here, but one thing that you don’t expect there are keys. Not car keys, but a carstic formation from the old Dobruja Mountains, that have now eroded. Even if they’ve eroded, they have managed to create a spectacular landscape in Dobruja. The Keys are quite small, and they are located on DJ 222 between Cheia and Targusor, around 60 km north of Constanta and 100 km south of Tulcea. Or, if you coming from A2 highway, exit on Medgidia and go on the DJ 222 until you reach Mihail Kogalniceanu, then continue straight on the road through Targusor.

So, now that you know where they are, you might want to know how are these “low” keys that I’m ranting about in the last 200 words. Well, luckly for you, I have been there and taken some pictures of them:

Also, you might want to get here and visit more locations in Dorbuja, starting with Mamaia, Constanta, Murfatlar wineyard, Vama Veche, Tulcea, old Histria and all the former citadels that area in the area. You can visit the What to visit in Dobruja page here on the blog to check out more of those locations.

Have you been there and actually walked on the keys a bit ? Not like me, since I only drove through them, since I had a full itinerary to get through. Leave me your opinion about the Dobruja Keys and maybe a link to some photos. I am quite curious what are you think about them.


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