The spring here in Banat area is quite worm, with good temperatures, rising from March to May, having lovely mornings all around. But not this year. Because global warming.

Neh, probably not global warming, although it might have an effect on the weather here. As I’ve said, usually we have lovely mornings in Timisoara from March to May, but this time we had some unusual amount of cold mornings, with temperatures going down to almost 0 celsius in some day. Today, for example, we only had like 3 Celsius and it was quite cold. But after the sun risen, the temperature had gone up to 10 Celsius in a matter of minutes.

This is unusual around, since we are not in a desert, we are in a middle of a lush city, in a middle of Western fields, an area with a lot of high temperatures during the year. But not this year. Not today.

Why I wrote this ? Well, because It was so cold last morning that I had to put another jacket on me…. for minutes. And then it got hot again. Not the best weather for a lovely month like may. Even the plants feel the effect of this weather and don’t grow as fast as they should, even if it rained a lot.

Aaaanyway. We have some strange weather, that’s why I’m here to report. M Out.


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