If you are an american that found itself in Romania, in Muntenia region, you will be surprised on how bendy are the roads in this area. There are of course a lot of straight lines where you can go without an issue, but almost every town has a road that suddenly goes 90 degrees. Since it’s mostly open field, I asked myself a lot: why the hell didn’t they just build it straight ?

The simple answer would be that the tarmac roads have been constructed on the tracks of the old carriage roads used for centuries by trades in that region. And since they weren’t geographers, they simply took the easiest and least muddy root to their destination. Nevermind it was longer, it was better for the carriages.

And the communist regime, even if it had the power to modify the roads and villages, didn’t really bother with that and they’ve just kept the roads in that state. A bad decision for which we are now paying the price, since we have to slow down a lot in most of the villages and town with this “feature”.

You might think that with a new era, some new and better roads will be built around the country. But… no. Most of the national roads remained the same, and some highways were built in the middle of nowhere with no sense whatsoever.

We can’t change the roads the we have now in the country. Well, not a lot, and certainly not in Muntenia region. That’s because of the important bits are far to busy with houses and peoples. And those who aren’t, well, aren’t as important.

So things will probably remain the same, with little changes along the way, but not something substantial.


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