Most of the time I would ignore a town like Ploiești. It’s a petroleum town, with a lot of weird streets and driving around it can be a nightmare, since most of the indicators are just backwards. I’ve been there like a dozen times, only the last time haven’t lost myself in it, but that only because I’ve managed to learn a bit of the center area.

And in one of those occasions I’ve come across the Clock Museum in Ploiești. I’ve actually had read about it some years back, but I’ve never bother looking for it again. But with a new men’s watches passion, I thought it would be nice to see some historic watches. I’ve expected to see a lot of watches from the end of the 19th century, since a lot of those clocks and watches belong to Luca Elefterescu, a local politician, former conservative prefect of Prahova.

The museum opened for the public in 1963, being places in the former Culture Palace of Ploiesti.

So, what types of watches can you see there ?

Well, the oldest clock that they have dates back to 1562, but most of the watches came from 18th and 19th centuries, like the hearth pendule from the time of Louis XVI. Most those watches are big and are quite artsy, being works of art as well as a time-teller.

You can also find some pocket watches, like the Peter Henleim of Nuremberg pocket watch, invented somewhere in 1500, or other watches by known horologers like Ralf Gout, Thomat With, George and Edward Prior, Benjamin Balber and many others.

The museum contains a huge amount of clock and watches created by Swiss, French, German, English and American watch firms in the 19th and 20th century.

Also, you can see a colection of jewel clocks, that had a lot of silver and gold decorations, with amazing engravings. Some of them belonged to famous Romanian leaders like Carol I, Carol II, Constantin Brancoveanu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza or even Tzar Alexander II or famous culture people like Vasile Alexandri, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Ion Luca Caragiale, Theodor Aman or Nicolae Iorga.

I find it amazing to find that is a small musical boxes collection there. I’ve never seen a musical box, so it was quite intriguing.

If you want to pay them a visit, they are open from Tuesday to Sunday between 09:00 and 17:00.


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