So, the spring has come here over Romania, and the weather is excellent for a trip in every weekend. Unfortunately, you want to have some cash for food and town entertainment, so you can’t go a lot outside of your city without blowing your budget for the entire week. However, you don’t need to go around the country to see something interesting, you just need to travel 3-400 km (something like 30 liters of fuel, around 150 lei) to see interesting things around your city.

In the following weeks I’m going to cover each region of the country separately, so when the time will come I’ll update this page to cover every region of the country. For the moment, I’ll just leave some locations that you can visit in some regions that are quite interesting to visit in the spring.

Spring locations in Banat

Banat is mostly a flat area, with mountains on the southern part of the region, in Caras-Severin county, a region that does have some interesting locations to visit.

Muddy volcanoes of Murani – The muddy volcanoes are quite hard to find, since they are on a field near Murani, so might need a 4 x 4 car to get there or you need to get there slowly. There are not as spectacular as the Berca in Vrancea or Baku in Azerbaijan. But since they are just 35 km from Timisoara, so an easy trip from Timisoara or Arad.

Banloc Castle – Banloc castle used to be one of the best castles in Banat, until the communist era. After 1951 it was transformed into a boarding school until 1991, when the location was mostly abandoned. You can venture around, but beware of the stray dogs. The main attraction though are what’s left from the Egyptian Gates that┬áKar├ítsonyi family made after a trip in Egypt. The location is 45 km south of Timisoara, near the serbian border point of Moravita.

Arcidava Castle – The Ruins of Arcidava settlement can be found just outside Varadia, near the serbian Border. An interesting location to visit, since it’s a former roman fort that watched over the Danube. A nice locations to visit if you want to teach your kid some history.

More to come

Spring locations in Bukovina

Vatra Dornei – If you live near Bistrita, Suceava or Piatra Neamt, an interesting location to visit in Vatra Dornei, the renouwned mineral spring location at the limit of Bukovina and Transylvania. It’s also one of the most important resorts in Romania, with visitors coming from long distances for the mineral springs and fresh air. A good location if you want to recharge your batteries.

Spring locations in Dobrogea

Coming soon

Spring locations in Maramures

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Spring locations in Moldova

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Spring locations in Muntenia

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Spring locations in Transylvania

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So, what are locations do you want to mention around these regions that you can visit in the spring ?



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