After a long period of time in which I’ve spend all the weekends on the roads (and I didn’t mind it at all), now I have a period of 3-4 weeks in which I’m just staying home. Somewhat is sad.

Because it’s summer, you can do a lot of nice travel around Romania, since the roads are clear and nice. However, since I don’t have AC, I do need to keep the window down, which took it’s toll after a while.

But most of all, it’s weird staying at home and doing…. home things. After more than four years. I stayed home two weekends so far. On one of the weekends I did took a short trip to Vrsac (on Serbia, near the Romanian border) for some shopping and sightseeing. And a trip to Deta at the thermal baths there and some swimming.

On the second weekend, I’ve barely got out of the house. Just for some shopping, a meeting, some football and tennis. Even if I didn’t spend a lot of time out of the house area, I did however managed to clear a lot of the yard and move some things around the court.

Which is a plus, since I’ve been trying to do that since April and I didn’t have the chance. So it’s nice to actually have the time to do something around the house. However, it’s sweat intensive and the heat doesn’t want to leave some “breathing” space.

So, a short resume for those who don’t bother reading a lot: taking a break from driving around the country, I’m going to be mostly in the area for the next month. So, anything you’ll like to check out here in Banat area for you ? Cause I do have a free day a week for exploring.

Just leave some comments down here and I’ll see what I can do.


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