Tasnad resort in located in the north-western part of Romania, in the southern part of Satu Mare county at the intersection of the 47°46’38” northern latitude with the 22°58’20’ eastern longitude.

Tasnad is situate at a altitude between 134 meters in Valea Morii village and 229 meters on the top of the hill that has a part of Tasnad plots. The resort is situated in the contact area between Piriul camp and Sacaseni camp with Viisoarei hills (Toglaciu Hills) at 160 meters altitude at the Cehal valley.

Near Tasnad you can find a lot of big cities withing an hour of driving (around 70 km), cities like Carei (24 km, at the Romanian border with Hungary), Simleul Silvaniei (37 km), Ardud (38 km), Valea lui Mihai (41 km), Satu Mare (46 km), Sacueni (46 km), Cehu Silvaniei (58 km), Zalau (59 km), but you can also are withing 100 miles of Cluj Napoca (142 km), Oradea (124 km), Baia Mare (128 km), Debrecen (98 km), Nyiregyhaza (120 km – Hungary) or Berehove (137 km – Ukraine).

Tasnad resort was declared city just recently, in 2000, by government decision nr. 417, the town of Tasnad with Tasnad thermal waters were declared a tourist resort of local interest.

The premises of this act date as far as 1978, when thermal waters were found in the area following a geo prospecting in the region. In the same year it is created a recreation area in Tusnad near the thermal baths created, the town enrolling in the category of tourist location with balneary recreation in the western part of the country, with towns like Felix Baths and 1 Mai, Tinca, Moneasa, Calacea, Lipova or Buzias. Around the recreation area was created a camping village with a lot of little houses, used from spring to autumn by tourists with spa desires. Also, a lot of people from the village started to rent there homes as holiday homes.

Until 1990, the tourist base functioned as a summer location, from May to October, mostly in week-ends. After 1990 the space was enlarged by constructing two new pools, one of them for kids, with a total volume of 1400 square meters and a water temperature at around 40 degrees Celsius.

After 2005, the investments and construction initiatives amplify and motels and hotels starts to appear and also a big number of private houses and hostels. Also the camping village was enlarged for the tourists with modest financial possibilities. In 2010 the camping reached 1260 places and getting the local resort status.

Tasnad City is a growing resort that attracts more and more tourist from Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, but there are a lot of Germans, British and other westerners that start to come along and enjoy the nice Romanian thermal waters.


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