Romanian Thermal Waters

Thermal Water (or Hot Springs) in Romania

Romania has a lot of springs with thermal and mineral water around it’s mountains and western fields. Some of the thermal baths like Herculane were known from the Roman Empire time, being remembered in a lot of documents. But most of the thermal and mineral waters of Romania were discovered in the late XVIII and start of the XIX century, with a large use by population starting in the last years of the XIX century.

Over time there were many more locations with thermal and mineral waters found in Romania, either through probes that found the thermal waters on depths or just pure luck, in some occasions. After all these years, what we are left with are a lot of thermal baths around Romania (and some mineral baths too), locations where you can relax and treat your ailments.

Whe are not the only country on the continent that has thermal waters (Czech Republic and Hungary have some important locations with thermal waters), but we have some nice views around that you might just want to see and relax near them. ­čÖé

Thermal Waters in Banat

In Banat Region of Romania you can find location with thermal waters at Baile Herculane, near the Danube River, in the southern part of Banat, near the mountains, but most of the thermal water pools are near Timisoara, including the city.

You can find two location in Timisoara with thermal waters open in the summer: Thermal Baths near Student Complex and UMT baths, which are near the UMT Stadium, in the north-east part of the town. There are some locations and hotels that offer thermal waters service, but for that you would have to ask directly to hotel owners.

However, near Timisoara you can find another four locations with thermal waters that are open in the summer. Most of them are in the western part of the county, west from Timisoara, in villages like Sanmihaiu German, Lovrin, Teremia Mare and Jimbolia. All of this villages have baths with thermal waters with different temperatures. All of them are small, four tourists that just want to relax.

You can find locations with mineral waters that are very good for treatment in Buzias and Baile Calacea, but those are strictly for treatment, not just for fun.

Thermal Watern in Transylvania

In Transylvania you can find a lot of baths, depending of the type of treatment you would like. Transylvania is very well known for it’s salt lakes in which you can just float around and relax. The mixtures of salts make you feel refreshed after you stay there for a few days. You can also find a lot of baths with thermal waters in the western part of Transylvania (Crisana Region), some lakes with interesting proprieties and a lot of locations that you definitely enjoy, like salt pan.

Let’s start with the salty lake around Transylvania.

The most important location with salt lakes is Ocna Sibiului, a location that is 10 km near Sibiu. There are a lot of salty lakes in the region and on most of them you can enter from free. But more about Ocna Sibiului in another article. You can find salty lakes in Praid, Turda or Ocna Sugatag and Sovata (there is a special kind of lake, heliothermal, which make the resort extremely popular in Romania).

Most of the thermal baths of Transylvania are found in the western parts of the region, in places like Tasnad, Boghis, Acas-Mihaieni, Madaras and most importantly Baile Felix, the most populat baths in Transylvania. Except the western part, you can find important area with thermal baths in Geoagiu, in Hunedoara region, but you can also find baths in Covasna and Harghita region in the mountains, with a nice view of the area and some good mineral waters in places like Bilbor, Borsec, Tusnad, Malnas, Harghita-Bai, Baile Balvanyos and many many more. Here you can find very good mineral waters and you cand find resorts that offer treatment with those waters.

In the region you will definitely love to see and stay for some hours in the salt pans like Turda and Praid. You literraly go underground in the middle of a salt mountain and stay there. A salt pan treatment is good for those that have respiratory problems like asthma.

Thermal Baths in Oltenia

Oltenia is not really a region known for it’s thermal baths, but you can find some nice resorts in Baia (Mehedinti county) and in Valcea county, were most of the thermal baths in this region are situated in locations like Ocnele Mari, Olanesti, Govora and most importantly – Calimanesti and Caciulata. More about them in the related articles (when they are ready).

Thermal Baths in Muntenia

Muntenia doesn’t have a lot of locations with thermal baths, the mostly have resorts with salty or sulfurous waters like Amara, Slanic Prahova, Sarata Monteoru and Lacu Sarat (with literally means Salt Lake). You can find a resort with mineral waters at Telega in Prahova county, most of the quite salty. Muntenia however has a lot of mountain resorts like Azuga, Busteni and Sinaia.

Thermal Baths in Dobrogea

Dobrogea is not a region with thermal waters, but is near the Black Sea, so most of the sea resorts are here. The most popular sea resorts are Mamaia, Costinesti, Eforie, Jupiter, Olimp, Neptun or Vama Veche. There are also some salty lake where can make some treatments with salty waters and mudd like Techirghiol and Razim.

Thermal Baths in Moldova

Moldova, as well as Dobrogea, doesn’t have to many thermal baths around it’s region, they only have mineral waters in locations like Dranceni (Vaslui county), Soveja and Lepsa (Vrancea county), Baltatesti and Oglinzi (Neamt county) and Slanic Moldova and Targu Ocna in Bacau county.

Moldova is well known for it’s monasteries, not for thermal waters. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a lot of resorts in the mountainous parts of the region.

After all, Romania is full of natural springs, thermal and mineral waters, salt lakes and mountains and many more mountain and sea resorts that you can definitely have a good time.