Best sunglasses for a stylish man

Now that summer is just around the corner, why not style up your look with a pair of aviator sunglasses?

They are cool, and they come in so many shapes and colors, that it would be impossible not to find the perfect pair for the perfect outfit combination!

It is really true that nothing says classic, masculine style like aviator shades! Why? Because they were originally created in 1936 for fighter pilots. And nowadays, they remained a staple among active duty airmen, but they also become an essential item for those who want to incorporate a bit of manliness and toughness into they personal style.

Wondering what aviator sunglasses for men to wear? Here are some ideas that will help you look great even in your bad days.

Pick a pair or black aviators! They will reduce light and glare, and they will also provide the darkest tint with the largest visible light reduction. Black is also the shade that works best with most of your outfits. Just try pairing them with a classic combo: a plain tee and a pair of jeans for some easy style points. They will also look super cool if you include them into your smart-casual outfits: with a shirt, a blazer and a pair of oxford shoes.

Blue aviator sunglasses are just the great option if you want to try something different that will put you into the limelight. They will set you apart from the crowd and will compliment a casual look, as well as an elegant one. Try pairing them with bright colored contrasting clothes. But don’t forget that always a white shirt will look just great with your blue aviators!

Gold aviator sunglasses are the perfect option for a stylish man. Even though they may seem a little “out there”, if paired with the right outfit, they will look great. Because gold lenses are quite eye-catching avoid pairing the sunglasses with lots of patterns or prints. It is safer. Also, if you intend to wear other accessories like a watch or come cufflinks make sure to pick gold rather than silver to harmonize with the rest of  your outfit.

You need to have a pair of aviators! They are a classic style of sunglasses that have made men look stylish since the ‘30s. Just invest in a high-quality pair, in your favorite shade and they won’t let you down!


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