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The bodycon dress it’s a great option if you want a glamorous, fierce and sensual outfit. It is fitted to the body, tight and usually pretty short. It’s perfect for dance nights, cocktails parties and romantic dates. And while the bodycon dress is fancy and glam, you can wear it in a casual way too. The bodycon dress with flats can be a good start.

10 essential tips for choosing the right bodycon dress:

  • Thick fabric for support;
  • Stretch material for extra comfort;
  • High waistline, slightly like an empire cut;
  • Creative and interesting prints;
  • Wear your favorite color;
  • Dark shades for a slimming effect;
  • Shapewear for curvy women;
  • Plunging neckline;
  • Very fit dress for the hourglass illusion;
  • Wrap effect for covering up the tummy;

In order to wear a bodycon dress, you need to be confident about yourself. Bodycon looks are hugging every curve of your body, so you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. This is the reason why some women avoid wearing bodycon dresses. Some think that this type of dress will accentuate their flaws. Of course, if you choose to wear the wrong dress for your body shape that could happen.

A great investment can be the shapewear. Even if you are skinny or curvy, it’s still a great idea to wear shapewear underneath the bodycon dress. It will help you to smooth the entire outfit and you will automatically feel more confident.

If you want to wear a bodycon dress with flats you can choose from different styles of shoes. Ankle flats such as sneakers, ballet flats, sandals or loafers. Above the ankle such as high chucks or low boots and knee high flats such as over the knee boots or gladiator sandals.

This outfit is inspired by the allure of French style, because usually French girls like to wear flats instead of high-heels. Essentially, if you choose a short bodycon dress you can totally wear it with flats. You will have a well balanced outfit, while showing just enough skin.


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