Who said that if you did not 90/60/90 and you are not as thin as the models on the catwalk, you can not wear stylish clothes? Modern designers care for all women, regardless of body shape and weight that they have. So fashion clothes for overweight women are no longer a rarity. And not have to buy those dresses’s your bag, dark colors! Every woman is beautiful, regardless of the number of kilograms. What is important is how you feel inside and what emanated energy. You have not noticed that, generally, people were showing confidence in them and others and this already does not matter if the number of kilograms.

Plus size dresses women

         Curvy summer fashion for women that can be worn in the summer of 2016

Extremely many plus size dresses can be worn plump women this spring, including more diverse:

– midi dresses;

– dresses with a belt at the waist

– maxi dresses

– dresses with geometric prints, arranged vertically

– dresses with large prints

– dresses with three-quarters sleeve

Here are some models you can wear:


If you don’t have 90-60-90 you do not have to worry or to make superhuman efforts to weaken. Important it is to dress in clothes so your favor to put emphasis on your qualities and hide your flaws.

Not all women to be slender and attractive forms have always attracted the attention of men. If you know how to put yourself out, you learn to love your body more and you appreciate qualities, completely forgetting defect.

Over time, you have probably heard a lot of rules they must follow when it comes to clothing, if you are fuller. Well, as expected, some of them are not true.

Myth: never wear white!

The secret of Curvy summer fashion, a suitable outfit is the shape and material of the clothes they wear, not color. White does not make you fatter than you are, if you find the right clothes, as any negreu does not make you weaker if you buy clothes that do not come right. There exception: When it comes to photos, it really can plump white.


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