What can inspire more femininity than a cute bow inserted in an outfit for the summer?! That’s exactly why we recommend: wearing as many as possible, but styled in the right way.

A sleeveless maxi dress is a style which you can wear mostly in summer time, except a winter gala or an event like that. If the dress is in a light color, or with a flower print on it, it’s obvious that is an outfit for the hot days! What makes a dress like this special is the fabric twisted in the front in the shape of a bow. Not only that it has a functional role to offer you support, but it’s fashionable at the same time.

If you haven’t fallen in love yet with this type of dress, take a look at this one! The pattern on it takes your thoughts to an early morning picnic at the lake or to a walk on the beach at the sunset. It is impossible not to be touched by the cuteness of the pattern and the bow combined together. The result is this midi sleeveless dress perfect for the hot season. The small detail under the bow makes it more edgy and interesting.

For a more bohemian look, a vintage print is perfect for a cut out dress with bow. Go for some pale and romantic colors perfect for the summer. The bow on the chest looks like is forming from the two sides tied together.

The a-line shape allows your body to feel the breeze and not heat up in the hot days. Accessorize it with some strappy sandals or with some matching sliders. A small leather backpack or a shoulder bag in one accessory which will complete the entire outfit. If the weather is not permissive, add a jeans jacket on top of the dress and you’re good to go!

The cut out dress with bow is such a feminine and chic item that it could be turned into your uniform for the summer. Wear it just as it is or add cute accessories to make it stand out even more.


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