Hit the slopes and stay cozy

Skiing is one of the most popular activities during winter time and a great way to spend your holiday. In order to do it in proper conditions we recommend you to wear fleece sweaters for ski.

When you sky, it is very important to have all the mobility you can get, since the equipment it’s already heavy and some might find it even uncomfortable. Wearing knitted sweaters or really heavy pullovers is not an alternative because they are very thick and if you consider adding an extra jacket on top, your mobility will be way much affected.

For these reasons, there were invented fleece sweaters for ski which are the best option you could ever have! Fleece is a very dense and soft material and when it comes in direct contact with your skin it creates a real pleasure and you won’t want to take it off.

Fleece sweaters for ski are pretty basic regarding the cut, but they make themselves special through other aspects. For example, you can choose from a wide range of patterns and prints which will cheer you up and make your outfit more interesting.

Another thing what’s great about them, it that you can wear them even outside the slopes, like in a regular outfit, on a daily basis.

Most fleece sweaters for ski are a simple blouse which you put on over your head, maybe on top of a tank top or a body. But there are also styles which have a zipper in the front, just like a cardigan.

This allows you to put it on and take it off faster and if you heat yourself up during skiing you can open the zipper a bit to cool off. What you’ll notice at almost all fleece sweaters for ski is that they don’t have a hood, and for pretty rational reasons.

Since you wear the sweater under a jacket while skiing, a hood would feel uncomfortable under the jacket and to pull it out is not an option because you’ll feel the cold around the neck.

Fleece is one of the cozyest and warmest materials out there which literally keeps you warm and most important, you won’t sweat in it! If you feel cold all the time, try wearing a fleece sweater under your jacket and you’ll notice the difference in an instant!


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