How can you wear them?

It’s pretty clear that fur boots for winter make an eye-catching statement. They lend themselves to simple, sleeker ensembles, creating a balance of basic and bold.

Here are just a few examples of outfits with these boots:

A black vest and some leggings equal a great combination to add to your casual repertoire. Fur boots are an easy option here. So, when the temperatures drop, you’ll find this getup to be your everything.

A fur jacket and black leather pants paired together are a total eye candy for those women who love elegant style. A pair of fur boots will be a stylish addition to this ensemble. Cool combo, right?

A black shearling jacket and a leather mini skirt is a smart combination to impress your crush on a date night. Why not add fur boots for a more relaxed feel? If you’re looking to stay snug this winter and look stylish while doing so, this look is what you need.

What goes with a pair of fur knee high boots: A black shearling jacket and a black leather mini skirt is a wonderful combination to impress your crush on a date night. A pair of fur knee high boots fits right in here. This is a killer getup!

When wearing your fur boots, don’t be afraid to wear them with dresses, because they will complement solid or delicately patterned gowns. For a chic look, you can opt for nude colored fur boots with a matching fur-trimmed vest, that will be left over a black or nude dress.

For something more edgy you can embrace a pair of fur boots, a knee length dress and a black leather moto jacket. Add a statement necklace for a modern and elegant vibe.

We would recommend you to stick to the neutral side, especially if you opt for real fur boots. But if you’re feeling really color crazy, experiment with pale-colored boots or choose bold shades like: burgundy, green, ultraviolet.

Still wondering if it’s a good idea to insert these boots into your wardrobe? You should definitely add them, as long as you can mix them with a variety of complementary outfits.


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