I’m putting off today the travel section, cause I have some news. From the clothing world. I have worked on a website’s clothing store English version for a while, but in the latest days I’ve just gone on the German version for a while. One of the first steps in creating the content was, of course, to create category for all the clothing that we have on the English website.

Since I’m far from a native German, I’ve externalized all the work to a German native who translated all the words from English to German. And man, some of those words are just incredible. And I just wanted to share with you some of the most amazing German clothing.

Pullover mit fledermausärmel – It’s esentially a sweater with sleeves. Bat sleeves. I left you a link here for you to see what it’s all about. Apparently, it’s a preferred type of sweater for autumn. Also, here is the bat-sleeve sweater page in english, with more products, since I know that most of my readers aren’t from Germany.

Funktionsunterwäsche – active base layers clothing. Basically, underwear for sport usage. But of course, Germans have only one word for it.

Schenkelhohe Strümpfe – although it does sound weird, those are actually over the knee socks. Yes, socks in german is strumpfe

Manschettenarmbände – Those are actually Cuff Bracelets, for wearing at a concert… or something. But man, a word with 20 letters for a simple bracelet…

And finally, one of my favorite words: Waschhandschuh, which sounded weird initially cause my mind made a word sounding like ” Wash hand shoe”. Those are actually washing gloves, and it turns out people don’t actually buy a lot of that from the internet. At least not in Germany.

Well, I hope you liked my German words selection of clothes. What’s your clothing word in German that you most like ?


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