If you like to have a sporty look or if you just have to feel free and comfortable, polo shirts are one of the best choices you can make. A polo shirt is the perfect choice for men, women or children. There are plenty of brands that sell polo shirts, but it is best to choose to buy only from well-known ones. It is important for you to know how to maintain cotton polo shirts, but it all starts with buying a product made from great fibers.

How to maintain cotton polo shirts if you are too busy to worry about that

At a first glance, it may seem difficult to maintain cotton polo shirts, but there are a just few basic rules that you have to take into account. First of all, taking into account that the shirt is made from cotton, you should know that if the water is too warm, the shirt will shrink. It is important though to wash the clothes with warm water, because this way you will get rid of all the dirt and the microbes gathered. But, there are available plenty of detergents and they will allow you to have clean clothes. There are even some disinfectants especially designed for clothes.

So, always wash the polo shirts on the temperature indicated on the label. On the label you will also find information about ironing. Cotton can be ironed and you will see the maximum temperature for ironing, but you should not worry, because most or the irons have a special program me for clothes made from cotton.

We can tell you that stains can be problematic, but you probably already know, right? Well, in this case, make sure you use correctly the stain remover solution. There is one more important thing that you should know in case you were wondering how to maintain cotton polo shirts. For the dark colored ones, you should use a special detergent and for the white ones, you can use from time to time a whitening solution.

As you see, the rules are pretty simple, so you have no excuses for not properly taking care of your cotton polo shirts.


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