Flannels are great, right? They are versatile, and can be paired with many other clothing items. Another important thing about flannels is that they come in different shapes and colors. Well, all these information is very useful for people who are still wondering how to wear a flannel. But, the first thing that you have to ask about a flannel is if it fits your style. Usually, a flannel fits any style because wearing this particular clothing item depends more on the occasion, not on the personal style.

How to wear a flannel no matter the personal style

The first thing that you have to do when buying a flannel is to make sure that it has the perfect size. This aspect is probably the most important and if you made sure that the flannel has the perfect size, you should start thinking about other aspects. The material of the flannel is very important because you will want to feel comfortable. Natural fibers are great in this situation so check the label and try the flannel before buying it. The color of the flannel is also important and it should be chosen by taking into account your skin tone and the other clothes that you want to pair the flannel with.

And now let’s talk a little bit about the clothing items that can be worn with a flannel. Well, the first option that you have is the jeans, obviously. It is very important to wear a flannel shirt for example by taking into account the other pieces of clothing, because for example although you can wear a flannel with a skirt, you have to carefully choose the design of the flannel. Pants can also be worn with a flannel. But, no matter if you wear pants or skirt with a flannel make sure that the textures will match.

There are many great stores that sell flannels, but if you don’t like spending time at the mall, you should check what kind of products online stores have to offer. They usually have great products at even greater products and you can shop at any time.


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