Spring is officially here in 2018. We’ve had a beautiful week, with a lot of sun around here (with a small rain interruption on Sunday morning). This weather after the snow that we have two weeks ago.

It’s sunny, it’s bright. And I kind of not liking it. I want to go back to a snowy place, in the mountains, to track all day and enjoy nature.

And since the snow barely melt here on flatland, on the mountain tops it’s still quite a lot of snow to get over with. So I started to pack for a two day mountain trail trip in the Domogled National Park, with three of my buddies.

The simple list:

  • thermal pants
  • three t-shirts
  • two blouses
  • a reversible jacket with pockets
  • hat
  • gloves
  • extra cargo pants (just in case)
  • dried meat for the ride
  • honey
  • bread
  • 2 l of water per person
  • snacks (energy bars, biscuits)

That’s the simple list for a person to get on themself and o decent size backpack. Depending on the trip, I would get some equipment for easily go around, like knee pads or waist band (if you are like me, with some amount of back pain).

Of course, you should also have a small knife or a fork (if you want to get canned food) at your disposal. The knife, for all the simple things that you need to do on a trip.

And lastly, check on the map. See what are the point of rest, where you can go if you get an injury (try to note somewhere in your phone the local numbers of rescuers, just in case, even if you can also dial 112 – in Europe) and some of the interesting things to see on the trail.

Do let people know that your are going on the mountains, so they don’t need to panic if you don’t answer your phone for one or two days. Although you can get some signal in some peaks, it’s hard to know exactly where. So it’s better to just tell someone that you trust that you are leaving, just in case.

That’s about it. I’m going for a mountain trail this weekend. What are you doing ?


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