For the last decade you’ve had only work in mind and you feel like getting away with your pals. You find difficult to plan a trip with your girls, since you have not travelled for ages. We are here to give some hints from where to start.

Luxury accommodation

You do not pamper yourself everyday with such an experience. If you chose luxury go for 4* or even 5*, the comfort and style is worth it. The higher standards hotels bring all the benefits and you really enjoy the accommodations extra service. You do not have to carry your heavy luggage, room service is a delight and you always can ask for concierge services to feel like a star.

Try to book a central hotel. It gives you and your girls the easiness to troll around at late hours and enjoy the city lights.

Private airport transfers and tours

Stand up the crowd and and feel good while you share the car only with your girls!

You will feel free to giggle with your friends in the intimacy of your car during your airport transfers. Same with the private city tour: you have the car and guide for you and you can change the route and see the attractions you like. Standardization might not fit your taste.

Spa and Wellness is a must

You and your girls have to be pampered with wellness treatments. Look for the hotel’s ones or you try the best spa in town. If the country that you are in has specific traditional packages don’t miss them out!

Dine out!

If you travel to Rome, live like Romans! Try local restaurants that offer full experience: gourmet food, local music and dance. Because you stay at 4*-5* you always, the girl troop has the concierge opinion where to dine out.

Shopping doesn’t hurt!

Cultural tours are not for you? Enroll into a shopping one! Take a day out and travel from one city mall to another and visit each shopping are. You can enrich wardrobe and giggle while you try various things.

Above all, leave the paperwork and tasks  behind, at office and don’t take the job pressure in your holiday. Relax and enjoy, feel free and pampered!

Guest post by Roxana


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