Ruffles are trendy now and you will be able to find plenty of blouses that have ruffles. Ruffle blouses come in all shapes and colors and you will be able to find many designs. Ruffle blouses with bow will surely be able to offer you a refined look that everyone will admire. They are feminine and on the same time comfortable. You can wear the pretty much anywhere, depending on the fabric used to make them. The great thing about these blouses is that they can be matched with both pants and skirts.

How to choose the perfect ruffle blouse with bow

Well, if you like ruffles you should have more than one such blouse. If not, you have to take into account where you want to wear the blouse. If you want to have a unique look at the office, you should choose one that is made from cotton. You can choose a ruffle blouse with bow that ties around the neck and in this case, you can surely wear it at the office. The bow may be of the same color like the blouse or of a different color. The most classical combination is of course between white and black. But, such a blouse requires the lack of other accessories. A pair of small earrings and a watch are the only things that you can wear as accessories.

On the shelves of the stores you will be able to find ruffle blouses made from lace and not necessary only one bow, but two or even three. But this blouse is a more elegant one. For an outfit that starts with such a blouse, you have to choose an elegant skirt and a pair of high heels shoes.

Everyone knows that the color of the clothes is important. If you are not sure you want to wear ruffles, it is best to choose a combination of neutral colors. If you are crafty, you can even add a bow on the blouse, or even ruffles and a bow on a simple blouse. Such a clothing item will be a nice addition to every closet, no matter what kind of style the owner of the closet has.


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