I go a lot on the road and most of times I do wear a t-shirt and jeans. I know, not a stylish guy, but I can’t afford going around to client in short pants, even if outside is 30+ Celsius. However, since I do drive a lot, I do have a problem with the belt that I add on the jeans, which in time become stiffen and start to hurt the waist area. However, with the help of a friend, I do have for you some advice on how to softer your leather belts.

A leather belt is a great and stylish accessory both for men and women. Premium, pure and good quality leather is a big investment; therefore buying a belt made from leather is an important thing. When you buy a new leather belt it certainly can be uncomfortable and stiff. Also, if you don’t take care properly of your belts, the leather can get cracked and dry, so it’s very important to know how to soften leather belts.

But before we give you a few tips about how to soften leather, you should know why this material is so hard. Leather is a material made from animal skin which has a lot of fibers in it. If you do not apply some oils regularly on the leather, the fabric can break up and go dry. Similarly, pollution, sun rays or high heat conditions can also destroy your leather belt. The best way to avoid all these major problems is to use a lubricant and a stain repellent, but if your belt has already been affected by these factors, there are still some methods that can help you to restore the softness of the fabric.

You can use rubbing alcohol and Vaseline or professional products. You can buy isopropyl rubbing alcohol from the drug store and Vaseline and use them together to soften the leather. You can also repeat this method with coconut oil instead of alcohol and Vaseline.

In professional shops, you can find also a number of products like leather conditioners and softeners that are available for what we want. They have a little advantage ahead of the more traditional methods because they soften the material but also add strength to it.

Now that you know how to soften leather belts it’s up to you how often you will take care of them. Hopefully, these procedures which are very easy to use will help you. Though we want to remind you, that prevention is the best way to take care properly of your leather belts.

LE: I know that some phrases sound weird, but those are some elements used to soft something hard. Wait, that didn’t came out right….


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