If you travel a lot in a country, it’s inevitable that sometimes you are going to get sweaty and hot after a long day. And what better way to end that with a nice shower or a relax experience in the bath tub….

…. but no, that’s a nice thing if you go in a city-break or travel and spend the night on a hotel or on someone house in the city / village. But if you travel like me, a lot of time in the car, driving about the country and going a lot on foot on the mountain, you don’t really have the luxury to spend the night on a hotel. So for those situations I do have some nice advice to keep yourself fresh for a longer period of time. And with fresh I mean clean.

Keep yourself fresh during the day

First, if you drive a lot in the car, like 3-4 hours and outside and inside the car are quite hot, you are bound to become sweaty and, after a period of time, start to develop and odor. I’ve had that a lot of times so I had to take some measures for those situation. First, put some cover over the seat, so that you can change it if starts to smell. Second, wear some deodorant and don’t stay always on your back when you drive. It’s good to move, even in the car, specially if you have a boring road ahead. If you have to stay in the car and drive along, try and get some good perfume or cologne. I prefer the eau du toillete because it’s a little bit cheaper that pure perfume, but that’s not the only thing to consider. If you want to know more about the what’s the distinction between cologne vs perfume, you can check out the┬áthis link in which you can find out which perfume lasts the longer.

Anyway, back to the topic. If none of those things helps, try to apply deodorant a lot more and change clothes when they become way to sweaty. In that way, you are always going to be a little bit fresher.

When you go on the mountain, you might want to keep your backpack stuck to your back for a better movement, but that also created a lot of sweat on your t-shirt and on your back, and that it’s going to become smelly after a while. The solution ? Try to give your t-shirt some air, maybe wear some cotton shirts for outdoor activities. And take some breaks from time to time and leave you backpack on the ground. And of course, the deodorant and perfume can be useful if you know that you are a sweaty person.

Some alternative showers

But what about a shower ? Well, when you are on a mountain top, you are bound (at least in Europe) to find some spring or a river that has a lot of fresh water in it. Just don’t go all in the river, cause mountain spring have cold water and it’s going to be a shock on a hot day. Try your hands, feet and face first before washing other parts of your body.

If you are on the road and want to stop for the night, you can always find an isolated point somewhere near the road, where you can wash off a little bit to keep yourself clean. I usually have a towel and a bottle of water in my car to help me with that, if required.

And also, if you have, like Romania does, some locations with hot springs, that you could go there are have a shower before entering in the pool of hot water. You are going to pay for it, but at least you get some excellent thermal treatment for that. I know it, I’ve just done that last week.

So, what are your ways to keep fresh on a hot summer day ?


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