Looking great doesn’t only mean to buy trendy clothing items, footwear and accessories. Your skin has to look great too and in order to achieve this purpose you should buy some skin care products. These products must be used every day, but they must be completed with make-up products. There are many such products, but you don’t have to buy them all. In order to look great, your make-up kit does not have to cost you a lot. There are some products that your make-up kit must contain and there are: a face primer, a powder, an eyeliner pencil, mascara and a lip gloss.

How to use your minimalistic make-up kit in order to look fabulous every single day

Your make-up, no matter how elaborate it is, will not look amazing if your skin is not impeccable. After you took care of this aspect, you can move on and put on your make-up. The face primer must be applied starting from the center if your face, using circular motions. You can use your fingers. Before buying, it, you should check the ingredients and of course the expiration date. After you carefully applied the primer, you can move on to the powder. It cannot be applied using your fingers, so a brush will be necessary. The material used to make the brush is very important if you don’t want irritations and you probably don’t, so pay attention to this aspect.

The eyeliner pencil is also very important, because it will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, as long as the color of the product will match the color of your eyes. The mascara will be used to enhance the effect of the eyeliner pencil. The both products should be waterproof in order to last all day long. The lip-gloss it very important, and a transfer resistant one is the perfect choice, because all day long you will look fresh. But, since there are so few products needed in order to create an amazing make-up you can carry them around all day long. This way, you will look amazing no matter what happens.


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