Man, this has been a rough spring. I don’t think I saw more than 10 sunny days this spring, starting from March 1st. It had been all rain here in Romania, with little prospects of sun in the following days. However, there are hopes that the sun will shine in the late May, so, thumbs up for that ?

Until then, I keep my parkas out, just in case, cause you never know when it will rain. Last Thursday, while on the road, I got another shower on the road, I barely managed to drive about. I had to stop at a point to get some papers in the middle of the night, and my parkas was awesome. Of course, in combination with my German Regenmäntel, which was quite usefull. Regenmäntel stands for Raincoat. In that heavy rain, the raincoat and parka combination was quite useful, since I had to run about 200 meters until I got to that place and not get myself all wet.

And of course, this week is no different from the last one. A lot of clouds and days with rain. Not all the way, but enough to make you feel depressed. Combine this with spring asthenia and you have a proper lack of feeling alive. And of course, no mood of working at anything.

Man, I felt tired in the last couple of weeks, even if I got enough sleep. I even tried changing my diet a bit, but nothing really worked.

I just had to force myself to work and get tired to push the barrier a little bit and get out of this crappy mood. I’m not totally out though, but I do see some improvements. I can work a little bit better, I do have the will to start something new. However, since I did a lot of physical work, my neck and back are suffering a bit. But that’s temporary, and it’s just something physical. With time and training, that can be improved.

So, to make it short, it’s just a crappy time right now, with nasty weather and a lot of lack of mood for working. How’s your spring so far ?


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