I don’t know about you, but when I go in a vacation that is mostly urban area, I have to consider my options in the shoes department. Because if you plan to walk a lot in a day, an uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin your day. So, depending on the season, I try to get some good town traveling shoes for me, so I don’t get busy with finding solution to shoes problems, like getting something to stop the shoes hurting my feat. I did that mistake way to many times and I kind of learned my lesson.

So, to make it short, let’s get the list of town traveling shoes depending on the season.

Spring town shoes

In the spring, you need to have some shoes that are comfy, but still not very light. Because you never know when the snow or rain will come in March or April, so it’s better to have a pair of shoes that has a flat sole but has a good ankle grip. Lanvin shoes are quite a nice choice if you want something like it.

And for the ladies, you can check this article about how to choose your spring shoes – there are some interesting tips and tricks there.

Summer town shoes

In the summer, when the temperatures are high, you need a pair of shoes that would help your foot breath and keep you comfy if you walk a lot. Choose some sneakers with flexible material and cool your foot during walking. Be careful to choose a good quality pair of shoes, since most of this summer shoes have the problem with the mesh material, it’s quite sensible and it breaks easily. Personally, I have a pair of Nike’s and a pair of blue Reebok shoes that help me keep it cool. However, most of the pairs from them only last around 6 to 7 month. But since I wear them like 10-12 hours a day, it’s actually quite normal.

Fall town shoes

In the fall I personally use most of the shoes that I use in spring or in summer. That’s until the end of October, when a lot of places get quite rainy, so for that part of the year I use some waterproof shoes, so I don’t get my feet all wet. Although, if the water concentration is quite high, even those shoes give in. And maybe in those cases you just need a pair of big boots, you know, like those you need when the flood come in.

Winter town shoes

In winter it’s quite tricky to get a good pair of shoes that it’s actually comfortable. First, because you need a chunky sole with some winter patters, so you won’t slip on the icy roads and walkways. Second, you need add some good material so your foots won’t feel the freezing cold from outside. You won’t find something to light with those configurations. So in the winter, better get a good pair of boots. And walk a little bit less, or if you do, don’t rush it. You don’t want to get to the hospital because you rushed on a walkway and slipped. I know a lot of friends that broke their hip or hands because of that.

As anyone on the web would say: “Better safe than sorry”.

Also, if you got here but some chance and you are from Romania, you can more info about winter shoes on my blog.

In the end, if you are not as specific as me, you can choose one type of pair of shoes and stick with it all the season. I am actually quite curious to know what kind of shoes do you wear during the year. So, leave your answers down here 🙂


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