It June 2014 now and on TV I’m watching matches from the Brazil World Cup. Right now actually I watch the match between Brazil and Cameroon. Cameroon is already out of the competition, but they still try to make a good game against Brazil. Brazil is qualified in the round of 16 of FIFA World Cup, however they need a win against Cameroon to be sure of the first place and meet Chile. Yes, Chile, again. It’s the third time that Chile and Brazil would meet in this round of the World Cup.

However, since I like to bet sometimes on live games, i took a look on a betting website and I saw that the share for +2.5 goals in this game is only 1.35, which is quite low. The tipsters expect a game with a lot of goals, like all the games in this World Cup. There were two games with more than 5 goals so far (Switzerland – France 2-5 and Algeria – South Koreea 4-2).

Cameroon players react quite violently and I don’t know why. They should just go and enjoy the game, the shouldn’t be so nervous. For the moment is still 0-0, as it is in the other group game. And As I was writing this phrase, Neymar just scored for Brazil. So yea…

Mexic and Croatia play for the second place in this group, and for the moment is 0-0, a score that will send Mexico in a game against Netherland.

It’s a spectacular World Cup, I should say. There were a lot of good games with a lot of goals and occasions. I just hope that from now on we will have games as good as we had so far.


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