Navy pants are really classy and they can be incorporated in various outfits, from casual to formal and elegant. First of all, you need to own a pair that fits well your body type and we suggest a slim-fitted pair of navy pants. Then, you can add a nice top and accessories, also appropriate shoes.

When you buy a new pair of navy pants is good to follow some basic rules. We recommend choosing a slim-fit design, but other styles are stylish too. But for a simple and cool outfit, just opt for a slim-fitted pair of navy pants. They will work best with various looks and items such as blazers and feminine tops.

Choose a length that looks good on you but also take in account the weather outside.  Navy pants come in various lengths just like any other pants. If outside is sunny and hot you can totally wear a pair of short navy pants or something like capris. Longer pants are more appropriate for winter days when it’s cold outside.

When it comes to the top it’s better to choose a different color and texture. In general, you should have balanced outfits. For example, if you opt for pair of navy pants made of cotton then wear them with a leather top. It’s important to create a nice contrast between the colors, textures and styles.

If you would like to have a classic outfit, then you already know that navy pants look amazing with white. You can choose a polo shirt paired with a blazer and a nice pair of shoes. For a great classic look navy pants can be matched with an Oxford t-shirt and some sneakers.

Navy pants are very versatile and they are perfect for all occasions. The shoes you are going to wear will make your outfit formal or informal. There are many options such as Chelsea boots, Oxford shoes, brogues, ankle boots, stilettos, pumps or ballerina flats.

If you pair your navy pants with a dark top then you can put more attention on the details like jewelry and other accessories. Wear silver or gold jewelry, metallic bags, cute bracelets, big rings and statement necklaces.

Everyone should have at least one pair of navy pants in their wardrobe. Do you own one?


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