Forget the cold weather! Wear a summer dress!

Who says that summer dresses are only for summer? Get out of the order and wear a spectacular wavy dress in the winter season. Keep reading to find out how!

The secret is layering!  Under, over, however you choose to do it, layers allow you to wear a summer dress in the winter. For example if you have a one-color sheer dress and want to integrate it in a winter outfit, pair it with a leather jacket. If the weather is too chili, go for a trench coat or a thicker jacket. See how one piece can turn an outfit all the way from what was meant to be to something completely new and unexpected!

Imagine wearing a white dress on the beach in the summer. Nothing screams summer louder than a dress like this. But you don’t have to limit yourself to this only season. If styled correctly, it works great for winter as well. Top it with a cute jacket and you could also add a scarf if you feel so. A great tip for styling this kind of outfit is to wear tights or leggings. They keep you warm and work great with a summer dress. You don’t necessarily need to wear black tights, but as long as they look good with the dress go for brown, grey or crazy colors.

Another perfect summer dress to wear in winter time is the printed one. There are a lot of cute dresses you could wear in the hot season: maxi, mini, printed, sheer, loose fit, all you could ever imagine, but if you style it right, it’s going to work in winter too. Go for a red dress with a floral print on it and layer a jacket on top and a pair of boots and you got your outfit of the day! For a festive look, like a Christmas party or New Year Eve, choose a simple baby doll red summer dress and accessorize with gold stilettos and a small clutch. This is how you can turn a simple outfit into a festive one.

For a cozy outfit, layer a chunky sweater on top of a boho summer dress. This will give you a warm feeling and will definitely be in style! The boots are the perfect winter footwear and they go great with dresses! Based on the advice on how to wear a summer dress in winter, don’t be afraid to experience new styling options and stand out in the crowd!


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