We’ve got quite a little bit of freeze the last week, after other days of heavy snow. So the temperatures at night went down to -29 Celsius, which is quite low. But that temperature was down it just some places around Romania, like Brasov, Toplita or Sfantu Gheorghe. In the rest of the Muntenia we had temperatures down to -20 Celsius, and in Banat only to about -15 Celsius. Still, quite chilly, since I’ve recommended you some cool winter clothes┬ásome time ago. Because even if you need to add a lot of clothes on, you can be stylish.

Back to the winter. Yesterday we had positive temperature. First time in two weeks. No more frozen windscreen… outside and inside. No more frozen fingers. It was rough in the mornings, when we had to have out cars prepped for work. And of course, a lot of fingers crossed – so the battery will actually get on the spark plugs and start the car. Fortunately, even with those low temperatures, the cars run quite good. We had a problem with the steam until the engine was hot enough, but we had some “manual” whippers inside with some cloths that made the job easier.

What it’s going to be next ? Who knows. Today is somewhere near 0 Celsius and we have fog outside. Not sure if you could call this better conditions, but they are surely better that a frozen road and car in the morning.

And the last update: I’ll be on the road soon, so maybe I’ll add some videos from around Romania, to see how the weather is right now.


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