Summer is the time we all show more skin not only because it’s fashionable but also because it’s really hot and too much fabric will keep us warmer than needed.

Having so much sun around, we might easily get tanned with some weird lines or spots from different accessories that we wear during the day. In this case avoiding wearing too much bling is the best solution – plus using SPF creams too, but that’s whole other story.

But what can make even a simple casual look stand out? What could spice it up?

A cool body chain! Heavy accessories are not that fun to wear when the temperatures are rising so thin jewelry pieces are the best thing to go for.
From the skimpy beach look to the after party wear or even a fancy cocktail dress, they could all look amazing with a layering body chain.

Going to the beach could be a fashion statement nowadays. Picture a simple bikini with a one row body chain over, a fringed kimono and a straw fedora hat. Don’t forget about the big round glasses and studded flip flops to complete the look.

Summer parties are the best and when it comes to parties, everything goes. Ripped shorts, tank tops and yes, body chains to animate your look. Go for tennis shoes or high top sneakers to be sure you can dance the whole night away.

For an elegant image try to stick to simple designs made of fine metals, with small crystal details. Don’t get too many layers or designs that have many embellishments because they will look vulgar and overcrowded. A LBD with an open back detail would look amazing if you would wear a body chain underneath, just peeking out just a bit. This could also apply for a deep v front dress.

This surely is the best accessory for the season also because the price is very affordable and you can even make your own in under 5 minutes.


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