Before we start, let me just say that getting a ticket for a Camp Nou football match is quite a challenge, since most of the tickets are sold before the season even starts. So when I saw that 100 tickets were available for the match against Eibar, I had to seize one. And I actually managed to get one. That was around 3 weeks ago, so if I managed to get a ticket to Barcelona vs Eibar, i might as well take a short city-break Barcelona to visit the Catalunya main town.

Of course, I made a visit on the Sagrada Familia, which is a beautiful church that is still in construction, which is amazing. It’s an intersting style that they chose for the church, but still, I am more interested in the weird architecure of the building, not it’s main purpose.

After Sagrada Familia, I took my time visiting the town in the next day, visiting the shores and the classy shops in downtown, locations that add a little bit of style to Barcelona.

But on the next day I woke up late after a nasty evening ( I don’t know what the hell I’ve eat, but it got my sick and I throw up all night), recovering easily and waiting for the match.

The stadium is huge, that was the first thing I’ve said about Barcelona stadium. It has 99 787 seats, but on the match day with Eibar were only 75 000 seats occupied, which is weird. Probably that’s why I managed to get a ticket.

Anyway, let’s get to the match. It was a weird match, with the score 0-0 until the 60th minute, when Xavi finally managed to put it in Xabi Irureta’s net. After that, the goals come much more easily, with stars Neymar and Messi scoring in 72′ and 74′. An easy victory before a very import game for them in UEFA Champions League against¬†Ajax Amsterdam. Barcelona is second in the group, and a win against Ajax with get them 4 points away from the Dutch champions, ever closer to UEFA Champions League second round.

About the experience… it was a good game and an excellent crowd there on Camp Nou. I am happy that I managed to get there to see a match. Now I wonder what the stadium will look like if Real Madrid will play there. The game against Real Madrid is on Santiago Bernabeu next week, a game on which you couldn’t buy a ticket since the summer. Anyway, I was kind of out of cash, so that morning I’ve headed back to Romania, thinking about the great team of Barcelona….


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