Prague was always a fascinating town in my memory. I’ve used to dream of the days in which I could visit the Czech Republic capital and visit all the cool stuff around. It was a time in which money were tight and any town outside Romania was quite a challenging dream. But now, years and years after that time, I have enough money, a car and the liberty to go in Prague without to many checks on the border. And I still haven’t managed to go to Prague. But I am going to. This winter.

I don’t expect to be a worm and welcoming town in January, when I have some time off work to go around and visit, i don’t expect walking around the streets, seeing girls in their colorful orange skirts and fashionable clothes. I actually expect the opposite, with long clothes, cardigans and jackets to keep them worm. And it’s going to be needed, since the average January temperature in Prague is around -2 degrees Celsius, with a record low of -27.3 and a record high of +17. And of course, a lot of snow.

I think the snow can give Prague a new and a more lovely face. Maybe I’ll get there just in time before all the Christmas light go out, so I can enjoy Prague town center in it’s full celebration form. If not, it’s not a problem.

I have a list of things to visit in Prague for my 3 days city break, including the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or Clam-Gallas Palace. But if you visited Prague before, maybe you can live me some tips for things to visit in Prague. Or maybe some places to eat there as well. I would very much love to try out their beer and the local cuisine, some if you know some good places with good serving and full platter, let me know in the comments here.


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