The most important moment in a teenager’s life and yes it has to be memorable.

The pressure is big and you have to stand up for it because prom is a challenging event in so many ways.

You have to look amazing, and feel great in that princess dress you picked. Still the tough part is trying to find the ideal dress without having to break a bank for it.

Even if high quality, designer prom dresses are very expensive, you can still find amazing dresses on a budget and even save up for fancy shoes.

Here are some tips that could help you pick the right dress that look expensive even if it isn’t.

  • Look for matte fabrics that flow beautifully. A shinny fabric always look cheaper especially if it’s satin, so avoid buying such dresses.
  • Find a simple design without many embellishments or intricate cuts. A complicated dress is not that simple to wear especially if you don’t have a perfect silhouette. Plus if it’s cheap the details are surely cheap as well. Go for a simple, A-line dress that will make you look taller, slimmer and is also comfortable.
  • Pick an expensive looking color. Black, royal blue, dark red, burgundy and neutral always look more expensive. Surely you can find other amazing dresses in lighter or brighter shades that could fit the budget and still appear more expensive than they actually are.
  • Buy your dress online so that you can be sure you compared all the prices and you picked the right one both as design and as price. You should be careful how you measure yourself if they have a custom-made section on the website but also if you only pick the size. It will be more difficult to alter the dress at a local seamstress if the dress is too small.

Last but not least, never go for a big princess dress if your budget is not up for it. You will want to wear the dress for other occasion like wedding parties and a puffy dress is not an option.


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