Horse riding

In the latest article I talked a little bit about the Herneacova horse riding center as a travel destination. It is one of the most recent tourist destination, since the equestrian facilities haven’t been open in the communist era. Still, the Romanians are finding horses quite relaxing, and a local business man saw this as an opportunity to create a business. And not just that, since the owner of this place is a horse “enthusiast”, should we say.

The place rose to fame at the end of 2010, when it was mentioned a lot in the local press. And people started coming and recommending it to other people. And the people kept one coming, so the equestrian center expanded.

Now it’s quite a big place, with a lot of horses and instructor that can familiarize you with horses and what horse care and riding means.

Since it’s quite a touristy place, you will see quite a lot of people there.

However, since it’s a big place, you won’t stay in line to get to see, touch and maybe ride a horse.

It isn’t the only place with equestrian facilities here in Banat. There is also a small equestrian club at Sacalaz and another small one near Buzias. Also, some 50 km away, you can find another two centers in Arad.

So you do have some places to start with, if you want to travel and see horses. And if you want to ride them, prepare some riding boots, some specialized bottoms like jodhpurs or breeches, some proper over the knee socks, leather gloves and shirts. And not to forget, a helmet. A good one, no matter what the level. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do you know any other places that you can go horse riding in Banat ? Drop them down in the comments, I’m curious for more information in this field.


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