About 5 years ago, when we’ve just bought a house in the southern part of Banat, I was traveling from that location to Timisoara when in the compartiment I saw two gentelmens from England that were traveling about with the local train. There were some gypsies there (the type that just wanted to talk to you, if you belive that) that tried to speak with it for a while, but since he didn’t really spoke english and the englishman didn’t speak romanian, I had to intervene and try to somehow make the connection. I wasn’t really in the mood for talking, because I had just spend the night in a room, on the floor, because the house was under construction. Or reconstruction, to better put it.

But since I was bored and I had nothing to do, I asked them what the hell are they doing in Banat. The answer ? Architecture. They were visiting Banat and Transylvania for the great building that we have and since they were there, they wanted to travel in our ancient trains, because in UK there are no more type of trains like that.

It was an old Malaxa 2 wagon, with no suspension. We’ve felt all of the bumps in the railway, but they said that this is a nice way to travel, slow, enjoying the country side and the sunset. I forgot to mention that it was around 9 PM, the sun just went before the horizon, it was a nice image.

And that got me thinking. We use those wagons to daily transport people from location to location and we somehow hate this type of travel because is not confortable. But for a stranger that just want to relax, this type of transport is quite a ride.

But that was years ago and since then the old Malaxa wagons were retired one by one. I don’t even know if you can find any wagon that go with those old wagons, except maybe Jebel – Liebling train. Most of the routes were rented by Regiotrans, and they use French T2 wagons, wagons that were used in the 1970’s in rural tracks around France.

Anyway, the picture that you can see featured on this post is from a Malaxa train that went from Lovrin to Timisoara in 2009. And now is probably history…..


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