While traveling around Romania, you do see a lot of interesting things around the streets. Some of those are so interesting that you go around and take a photo so you can remember it when you come home, maybe to talk about it on the blog. But sometimes you take a pictures and you don’t know why you did that. Well, this time I’ve done a little bit of research on a pictures that I took (that unfortunately is kind of blurry, so not blog material), but I found their facebook page and, using the fair use and mentioning the source (The Pink Boutique Facebook page). This is the photo:


Straight away, I am not a fan of pink clothing, I won’t even do pink shirts, a trend that catched a lot of men around the globe, but I agree that certain pink clothes looks good on certain people. I wasn’t keen on getting on to see the store, but we had some girls with us that wanted to see the shop and somehow, we’ve entered the shop. And you know, I have two things to say about it.

First, the store is in an old building, with a lot of space up for storage on shelves. But the bad thing is that the space is small, somehow understandable since it’s quite a small niche on the market, but still a niche that sells. Secondly, I expected to see only pink clothes or clothes that have a lot of pink color on them, but you could find a lot of different colors, and that just doesn’t seems right for a store that has “pink” all over it. In the latest photos that I’ve seen there were less “not pink” clothes around, so I guess they’ve improved their products selection.

I don’t know how their business is working not, since, as I’ve said, it’s a small niche, but then they had two buyers, in form of the girls that we’re around us, getting some pink dresses and a pink hat, to protect against UV light outside.

By the way, if you want to visit the shop, you can find it in Constanta, somewhere near the Theatre Park. Exact location is on their facebook page.

I’ll try and add more pictures as I’ll start sorting them out from the my HDD. When I get some interesting pictures, I’ll let you know, because I’ll post some articles on the blog.


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