If you are a trucker or a person that does a courier job, you know how the life on the road is. It’s a life with a lot of work hours and a lot of things to do in infernal traffic. And most of the time you are on the “hurry” mode. Unfortunately.

Since I work as a driver that deliver some magazine to different locations in Romania and drive around 1300 km per delivery, I can say a lot of the life on the road.

First of all, if it’s summer, it’s hell. The temperature rise in Romania up to 42 Celsius and the bittum on road starts to suffer changes…. and smell. The smell, combined with nasty road and the heat makes driving in mid-afternoon a challenge. For me at least.

Right now there are about 23 Celsius and I can already feel the effects of the heat. I like the winter better. It was cold, the road were icy, but there was a pleasent time. Except the momments when the car broke down. And that happened. Two times this winter. Not very nice.

Second, you drive a lot. It wouldn’t be such a problem that you drive a lot, but when you drive on Romanian mountain roads, which are twisty and mostly bumpy, it’s a little bit difficult. However, I do prefer those roads to highways, because I get bored when I drive in a straight line.

But when you drive 10-15 hours, you will be tired as f**k. Trust me. And I have some driving experience. I drive mostly at night, when the roads are clearer (not many cars) and speed traps and police is scarce. And that helps, even if I come after a day in which i didn’t slept very much.

Thirdly, after a while, the cars starts to smell. Because sitting doesn’t prove to be a good method not to start sweating….

But it’s a life that I like. Because I love to travel and see the world. And I altmost saw all the romanian counties ( I only have 5 from 42) and I managed to travel on some fantastic roads. Really, we have some spectacular roads. You think Transfagarasan is a good road ? Try the mountain or hilly roads in Moldova and Transilvania. You would be amased to see that we have some spectacular roads here.

But this is the Romanian side of the “Life on the road”. How is “your” life on the road in other countries ? Leave a comment below and let’s see how the driver life compares with other countries.


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