I drive around the country all the time. Mostly taking the same roads, but sometimes I find the time to explore a new rout. This time, I tried to go from Bacau to Vaslui, two county main towns. I heard that the road wasn’t that good and that there aren’t a lot of people who choose it. But still, I had to add it to my Romanian road map (Yes, I have a map in which I add all the roads I’ve been on in Romania, and aren’t many left), so I got in my car and begun this quest 

But boy, that was a mistake, the road was awful. Never mind the holes in the road, the road surface looked like someone bombed the area recently. Anyway, since I didn’t want to get back on the main road to Iasi, I continued and, well, it was appalling almost all the way, except for one or two areas. There are some featured pictures of one of those areas later on in this article. The forest in which I took the picture: deserted, no one was around that morning. And you feel like you’re the first human to pass through these places for the first time in months, if not ages. However, if you are lucky enough to be on this road in late spring, it’s all green and beautiful.

Before arriving to Vaslui the road got a little bit smoother which was nice for the suspensions of my car. I reached Vaslui and it was a complete disaster, because that intersection of roads at the outskirts of Vaslui was impracticable due to morning traffic. I know, it is weird since this is not the largest city or the most populated one. I just went from a forgotten road to a morning jam in just a few kilometers (not a big one, but I lost about 10 minutes in that intersection).

The sad part is that it’s not the only deserted road around that hilly area of Moldova. There are a lot of roads that should be a lot better and are somehow deserted. More information and pictures for those roads in another article here on Land Visitor.


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